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Krk RP10 10″

$ 11,450.00 MXN

KRK K10S Powered Subwoofer – 10 Inch, 225 Watts

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KRK’s KRK10s powered subwoofer is the perfect complement to KRK Rokit, VXT, or any other 4-8 studio monitor. The KRK10s is designed to extend the low-frequency performance of an existing monitor system so that the low-frequency portion of the mix can be properly engineered. The KRK10s also feature a great looking cabinet that echoes the curved edges of the Rokit and VXT monitors. The front-firing bass port and KRKs trademark yellow glass-aramid composite woofer ensure accurate and powerful low-end punch. A sturdy grill protects the woofer and adds to the sleek appearance of the unit. A high-power amplifier and active crossovers provide smooth and accurate reproduction. New curved design and custom color matches KRK Rokit and VXT monitors. Protective Steel front Grill provides protection. Power LED provides visual indication of unit’s status. Bypass footswitch allows for checking mixes with and without subwoofer. Integrated crossover matches any main speaker system. Ground lift switch tames ground loops. Users manual provides clear setup instructions. Scientifically designed front firing port reduces wall coupling and port turbulence. Powerful bass reinforcement with KRK’s trademark yellow-cone glass-aramid woofer. Tech Specs: 225 Watt (peak) Powered Subwoofer for Studio Use. SPL: 110dB Music and 113dB Peak. 10 High-Excursion Glass Aramid Composite Woofer. Frequency Response: 34Hz-50Hz to 130Hz Variable (+/- 1.5 db).Variable and Sweepable Low Pass Filter. 80Hz High Pass Filter. Radically Curved Front Baffle Design for Amazing Performance. Front-firing port provides low frequency extension without boundary coupling. Bypass Control using Standard Footswitch. A New Standard in Low Frequency Monitoring. For years, KRK subwoofers have been the choice for accurate low frequency monitoring in studios large and small. Now, the KRK10s provides a new standard for even better performance and accuracy, raising the bar once again.